Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Introducing the Super Secret Harper Imitation Tories (or SSHIT)

Rewind to last year. Most people with a brain could see that Stephen Harper's pre-election rhetoric about the coming transparency of a gloriously ethical and humble CPC government would be a pile of manure. Now the smell is unmistakable. Ticking off the press is such a politically stupid and juvenile move. It didn't do anything for Mulroney, that's for sure. This move cuts right to reporters' job security.

I suppose it's part and parcel of Peevey Stevie's unimaginative modus operandi of following the Bushco playbook. You starve the press of their usual gruel and before you know it, they're eating out of your hands, grasping so desperately for the tiniest crumb to get a story - any story - that they'll parrot whatever bullshit mush gets dished out to them in hushed tones by someone insisting on only being identified as a "senior administration official".

Tell me that's not about to happen here.

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lept said...

And then in today's 'Globe':
'Tory MP suggests jailing bad journalists'... what can one say?
(Great site by the way).

ivan said...