Thursday, March 02, 2006

Randboro and L'il Buck - b-day party for Johnny & Kim

Kim works at Barfly. John Campbell of (Not So) Idle Thoughts is a Barfly barfly. Their birthdays come a day apart. Their birthday party comes Friday, March 3rd at Barfly (where else?) The venerable all-pro rootsy indie rockers L'il Buck will put together three (count 'em) blow-out sets. And Randboro (my band) is pleased as punch to be playing an opening set in Kim & John's honour.

So if you're in the vicinity of 4062 rue St-Laurent, corner Duluth, come join the party. We've got a bouncy new song to play for y'all. And Jean-Marc might even sing along. You should too! We'll be on around 9:30-ish. Cover charge, schmover charge.


Sentimental Institution (tribute to the Replacements)
Emerson & Fortier
Skeleton Key
Bail You Out

- 30 -

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