Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So long Theo, and good luck

Surprising news: the Habs traded Jose Theodore. It's a good move on Bob Gainey's part and I just can't believe they were able to spring David Aebischer from Colorado for a guy who's totally lost his game, has a broken heel that won't give him any time to find his game before the playoffs, and will cost them somthing like $11 million over the next two years of his contract. That's a gamble and a half on Colorado GM Pierre Lacroix's part if you ask me.

As for les glorieux, they recoup a whack of salary room under the cap, so look for the other shoe to drop tomorrow. If I were Bob I'd pick up Turner Stevenson off waivers and move Mike Ribeiro to Pittsburgh for Mark Recchi (I always want the good 'ol boys back home).

And as for Theo, let me just say that even les Cowboys Fringants have given up on him, taking time out from their set to dis Theo, and getting a round of rousing cheers down at the Spectrum earlier this year. He has had a hot and cold career here, culminating in a perfectly dismal season this year before breaking his heel in a home mishap. And the baggage factor was getting overwhelming. The first kink in his armor came when local newspapers splashed photos of Theo partying with local criminal biker gang a couple of years ago. He failed a drug test this year for a substance known to mask a certain steroid (although his doctor vouched that it was being taken for hair-loss prevention), and for all his hype and salary, he never could prove himself in the playoffs beyond the first round.

As Pierre Lacroix is tragically bound to find out, Jose Theodore is no Patrick Roy and is showing no signs that he ever will be. I think les Canadiens will be just fine without him, and are a better team with the Aebischer / Cristobal Huet tandem in nets.

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montreal simon said...


I'm going to be optimistic for once and predict that the move to Colorado will do wonders for Theodore. Getting away from the distractions of Montreal, and his somewhat less than reputable friends and family, might be just what he needs. If he gets back in shape I bet he's hot in the playoffs! As for our poor team, they've got more than just a goaltending problem. No matter how hard I try, I can't feel very optimistic about them.Dommage.

eteba said...

I agree that Theodore is no Patrick Roy.He is more like Steve Penny and will quickly disappear into oblivion.