Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scout Prime in New Orleans

Last week Mardi Gras returned to New Orleans. It was hard to imagine they still haven't cleaned up very much yet. That houses are still littering the middles of some roads. That bodies remain decomposing in some homes. That electricity hasn't been restored for much of the city. That they are so unbelievably slow about putting the city back in order.

Well, it bothered Scout Prime enough to take a trip to NOLA and do some compellingly good on-the-spot blogging:
Destruction in the poor black 9th Ward is horrible. But go to white working class St. Bernard's Parish. It's devastated. Go to the white upper middle class area of Lakeview. Those folks are wiped out too. They have more means to come back??? Think about how you would pay the mortgage on your $450,000 home that is nothing more than a pile of debris and also pay rent on an apartment that you now must rent...if you can find one and with no job. (BTW $350 apartments are now going for $1500 where I'm staying here). That's just your own personal hell.... there's more outside your door.

The infrastructure is devastated. And it hits Everyone. It's great to see stop lights...they are few and far between in many areas. Wonder when someone will pick up that pile of garbage outside your home much of which was the inside of your home? No one can tell you. Want a phone? Sorry for many it will be months like 6. Trying to get electricity turned on? Perhaps soon and then perhaps not. You may get mail service.... sometimes. You need to get groceries? Be prepared to drive far and wait in long lines. You have children? It's best to find an out of state relative for them to live with for this school year at least. And whatever you do don't get hurt or sick. A small injury could be a Major problem. Ambulance drivers tell of sitting outside the few "hospitals" caring for people in their rigs cause it's better than what's available inside.

The streaming video of her tour of the 9th ward that accompanies this post is a must-see. You would think the disaster happened only last week - not six months ago.

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