Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Afghanistan Mission is Bullshit

Canada is supporting a new government in Afghanistan that is encouraging opium production to supply the world's misguided kids with the heroin that will ultimately destroy them. Canadian kids too. Just lovely. This is not in keeping with the values of most Canadians, and I don't need to wait for a poll to figure that one out.

Peevey Stevie can spew all the Bushco lines he can memorize to shore up support, but at the end of the day, I'm sorry to say, it's all a load of shit. Karzai, the ex-CIA hack, is not a guy we want to prop up. And he's proving it with this policy. I don't want to hear about how we have NATO commitments. Let's put leaving NATO on the table. I don't want to hear about how the UN has sanctioned the mission. There are other places in the world (and at home) where our armed forces could be more useful. The empty threat of attack here from jihadis will not be stemmed from us killing "bad guys" over there. If anything, it makes us a higher-profile target. And our presence has facilitated the United States to draw down their troop-level in Afghanistan,
In the face of Afghanistan's deepening troubles, the US government is now slashing its funding for reconstruction from a peak of $1 billion in 2004 to a mere $615 million this year. And thanks to the military's recruitment problems, the United States is drawing down its troops from 19,000 to 16,000. In short, despite Bush's feel-good rhetoric, the United States is giving every impression that it is slowly abandoning sideshow Afghanistan.
...while reports say more U.S. troops are headed to Iraq.

If I was a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan, I'd be wondering why the hell I'm putting my life on the line for this.

The fact the Conservatives are pulling out all the rhetorical stops to stifle debate of this mission speaks volumes. Do not take it at face value.

Tip of the hat to Robert at MyBlahg for bringing this to the fore.

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Anonymous said...

Your succinct, honing in on the real reasons for our presence is absolutely revealing. People should face the reality of the situation.

Your editorial should be available for the signing of a petition to our MPs and the government itself.

Please put it out there as such.

Thanks for the complete illumination on subject as I just read somewhere Afghanistan produces 90 percent of the world's cocaine of which the peasant farmers get menial subsistance pay while the "real" drug pushers are profiting worldwide. This is unacceptable.

Yes our soldiers are needed here at home and what about the six million east Africans starving to death in drought conditions. Where is the humanitarian aid to them being airlifted. The world looks away again amounting to genocide AGAIN. While organized crime walks away with Afghanistan cocaine to destroy our youth here in West.

I concur completely with your lucid editorial expose. Thank you.

eteba said...

I think Anonymous on the above thread meant heroin and not cocaine.Cocaine is derived from cocoa and not the poppy.

Opium has been around in Afghanistan for a long time.However,evidence exists,that during the 1980's,with the full knowledge of the C.I.A. the heroin trade began and was encouraged by the Americans to help the Mujahedin finance their struggle to oust the Soviet Occupiers.
As a result today the Afghan economy consists of drugs,guns and smuggling.It is the planets' biggest producer of opium and its' derivatives. One million of a population of twenty million are estimated to be growing the poppy plant.There are thousands more engaged in the processing and trafficking of heroin.Afghanistan is responsible for about three-quarters of the world's heroin exports.It is a de-facto Narco-State.Billions of dollars are involved and some very big boys run the show.

Canadian soldiers should get out of there as soon as possible before something happens to them.
Afghanistan is no place for Canada.


Human said...

Hi Steve. I hooked up from Cathie's.
The American Troops being "withdrawn" are to be used to attack Iran.

etba is correct on the opium thing. Further the Taliban had just about completly wiped out the Poppy crop. Quite a feat considering that Afghanistan is where the Poppy originated from.

Now it is used to supply money for American Black Ops. Quite often the lie "Taliban controlled poppy areas", when in fact these areas are under local Waelord control funded by the U.S.


Havril said...

Poppies...poppies. Sleeeeep. Sleeeep.

Anonymous said...

Canadians should check out the military contractors making out like bandits right now with soldiers purchasing their own equipment relying on it to increase their chances of survival when Taliban starts the expected spring offensive.

Apparently only 500 of the 2200 troops are assigned to combat status which makes you wonder if they are planned 'sitting ducks'. the taliban take them out and coalition has excuse to use nukes.

makes you wonder doesn't it.

Like the columnists are saying, "follow the money" and you'll find the real reasons for this incursion into Afthanistan and changed Canadian military status.