Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Scrotum Try

Ivan of Creative Writing found a nifty site that makes instant anagrams out of anything you throw in.

So he tagged me with this meme: find anagrams for your name (hence the title of this post), plus the name of your blogsite. Some other notables from my name:

A crust, my rot
A curt Ms. Tory
A cut Mrs. Tory
Scar my tutor
Trusty Marco
Scram, Trouty!
YMCA or trust
Carroty smut
Car smut Tory
Racy smut rot

...and far too many more variations with "scary", "smut" and "Tory". This is not all I had hoped it could be. As for anagramming "Tattered Sleeve", I don't think I have the stomach for it, but you can go ahead and put anything interesting you find in the comments thread. Go ahead and give it the 'ol scrotum try!

- 30 -


ivan said...

Had to key in SCROTUM and what do I get? CUT MS OR.
I think I have already cut one Ms. and almost got thrown off her site, but I may have gotten some traction out of Waking Up on Planet X when she looked at some anagrams for her site and came up with PLANT EX. Turnabout?

Anyway, I think the anagram site has a psychic component, is certainly aware of Qhebec when I get A DELETES TET REVE, or LEADERS TET VET.
But since you're a graduate of Concordia, Scott, I seem to be especially fond of ALERTED VET STET.
Yeah, yeah, I know; I'd rather write eight hundred pages of blog rathar than dick around with this, but it has just struck me that the anagram server will do serious damage to all those fuzzy-eared crossword players, especially those geniuses who do the Jumble puzzle every day: Bleeding in the aisles for all the smart asses.
Hey, don't kick me, kick Aaron...But then don't kick Aaron.
Chuckercanuck and Dazzling Dino have come up with combinations that still have me pissing myself.
Like my name. I think it came up VAIN PORK UP, or something like that.
Oate de Fouque!

Heyday said...

With Stephen Harper i got "sharper the pen" Cool site Ivan.Weirdly addictive.Thanks.

ivan said...