Friday, April 14, 2006

Ottawa has the SSHITs: Toronto Star

You better not squeal
You better tells lies
You better not counter
The government line
Stephen Harper's clamping you down...
(Sung to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town")

Seems our Super-Secret Harper Imitation Tories are at it again, working for the old clampdown to stifle an Ottawa scientist whose fictional book has them running scared:
Shortly before Tushingham was due to give a luncheon speech in Ottawa about his novel — a futuristic account of Canada and the U.S. at war over water resources in a globally warmed world — he received an email from the environment minister's office, warning him not to attend the event.

Paradoxically, the incident takes place during the same week the Conservatives unveiled new "whistleblower" protection, designed to shield outspoken public servants from intimidation and threats to their livelihood.

Also yesterday, the government said it was axing 15 research programs related to the Kyoto climate-change protocol and aimed at reducing the greenhouse gases thought to cause global warming.

Paradoxically indeed...

Of course Harper is shocked shocked shocked, as is his Communications Director Sandra (who me?) Buckler, telling reporters there was no directive from the top to silence this author. But go read the whole story; this isn't an isolated incident.

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Dave said...

Perhaps it's time for an email campaign to our illustrious MPs.

Anyway, Scott, you've been tagged.