Friday, September 19, 2008

Gerry Ritz and the Sorry (Excuse for) Tories

Dear Mr. Ritz,

I am a father. I have a 4-year old and a 14-month old, and they both have voracious appetites. I used to make grilled-cheese sandwiches with hungarian salami tucked inside for the oldest one. I'd give him a slice of salami while he was waiting for his lunch.

I'd also give the younger one some tiny pieces of meat. He laps that stuff up like nothing else.

Well, I guess he's lucky to be alive. Some other people's babies aren't so lucky.

And you found it possible to joke about "...death by a thousand cuts, or should I say: 'cold-cuts'?". I think I know what was going through your head at the time. It wasn't guilt, or anguish over the unnecessary illnesses and deaths your actions led to. Instead, you were concerned about the political fallout for your useless party's government, weren't you?

Weren't you?!?

You rhetorically asked if one of the tragic deaths caused by the recent listeria outbreak might be your political opponent. Tell me something: what if it had been your political opponent who'd died as a result of this negligence? Not so funny anymore, eh?

Is that what it would take for you to understand what a disgusting and dishonourable jackass you are?

Let me remind you of something. You are supposed to be "responsible". You are supposed to be in charge of making sure government oversight of the meat packing industry is in place and effective.

You, Gerry Ritz, have blood on your hands.

You, Gerry Ritz, should accept responsibility and step down immediately.

Your government's inattentiveness speaks volumes.

Instead of issuing (and re-issuing - for better photo-ops) lame apologies dripping with faux sincerity, you can start to exercise your sworn responsibilities by reversing this.

Then you might regain a glimmer of whatever humanity you checked at the door when you signed your Conservative Party nomination papers.

- 30 -

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prairiemobiler said...

I too thought that Gerry Ritz's apology was lame and insincere. In fact, I thought it couldn't have been MORE insincere if he tried.

Firstly, he entered the room with a "sour grapes" look on his face and despite the people in charge telling him where he was to stand, he just immediately started READING his apology from the hallway where most people missed the first few words he appeared to "reluctantly" utter.

Secondly, he READ the apology that must have been written by someone other than himself due to all the stammering through certain parts of it. He rarely looked up from his paper and did not make eye contact with anyone that I could see during the parts that he should have been speaking from the heart. This is not a sincere apology as anyone can tell. It was simply somethng he was told to do against his free will in order to save his party from more ridicule.

Thirdly, without taking the look of sour grapes off his face, he barely completed the last word on the paper before stomping off in the other direction, failing to even acknowledge even one question from the press--who represents the people--who are his voters.

I live in Gerry Ritz's constituency and admit that he has received my vote in the past.

I also know that comments can be made in a tongue in cheek way to lighten a mood while in private and I was willing to forgive Mr. Ritz for this faux pas.

After seeing his insincere and unheartfelt apology and how he treated those people who represent his voters, I can say that at this moment, I am seriously rethinking voting for Gerry Ritz.

He is a different person that I thought he was.