Monday, September 08, 2008

BREAKING: Mother May I? Duceppe says he never said no

The BQ says: Don't look at us. Their spin is they told the consortium they preferred if it were limited to four debaters, but never ever EVER said they'd boycott unless Elizabeth May was shut out.

Go read more from Andrew Coyne. Especially this:
I have a feeling this is backfiring badly on all concerned. Have a look at the CBC story on this sordid business: there are more than 600 comments attached. (This Globe story: 430 comments) A firestorm, in other words. I wonder who will be the next member of the Gang of Three to buckle?

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! I was just out break from this stuff, walkin' the dogs. I got thinkin' about the backlash that's pilin' on Layton and I was wonderin' if he might change his tune or claim that the suits misunderstood him. Looks like Gilles beat him to it.

This anti-democratic move is seriously backfirin' an' Happy Jack'd be smart to cut his losses. Bloggin' Dippers are usually rock solid behind Jack but there's tremendous dissent on this issue.

If Harper were the only one threatening to boycott and they called his bluff, I figger he'd cave. He couldn't stand to see all those leaders get free publicity and a chance to bash him undefended. I've never seen the GPC get so much defense and goodwill in the boogeysphere before. The anger is palpable.