Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Bollocks, Bollocks, and... what else? Ah yes, more BOLLOCKS

They are lying to you. Deliberately. Methodically. They use a playbook that was written by a maniac who believed so strongly in his own accidentally assigned tribal genome that he fatally poisoned his entire brood to prove his horrifically misguided point.

That is the usual end-game for the fools who look no further than skin colour or tribe.

Dear readers,

Once upon a time, there was a thing we called bandwidth.

It was limited, and precious. You had to own a segment of it, and it was doled out by the CRTC.

If you rated...

If you could prove yourself worthy to the

Public Body

Responsible to the Elected Representatives

Owing their authority

To a free and fair Democratic vote of their


(You and Me)




the Power

to Decide




Wanted this bandwidth

To persuade other constituents with

Merited it

Based upon their commitment

To the Betterment of the audience by broadcasting important and

Truthful information

Over these channels

Given to them

In Trust

By The People

To ensure faithful communication of



And of opinion

Based on




We can all publish

Whatever rubbish

We wish

Not unlike the American homicidal maniac (TM)

Holding onto his 2nd Amendment rights

In God We Trust

American you say??

Why yes, because these platforms are



(ABC = Google + this blog on blogger, and the notoriously easy to push stupid crap anyone made up youtube)


(Facebook + Instagram)


Here in Canada, we created this thing called the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, but that does not have the slightest bearing on any crap we have from social media sites like those I mentioned above.

So we are impoverished of fact-based, multi-sourced information if we fail to go to the sources that abide by those standards.

Please, with a federal election on the horizon, avail yourselves not so much of:

- blogs such as mine...

- whatever BS you find in your FB newsfeed (or other social media "viral" crap)

and go here, where there are controls in place:

and anyone else beholden to Standards that you may call BULLSHIT on and expect a level of fact-checking decency

Now, don't expect them to get it all right all the time. Journalism is an art of imperfect humans, mind.

But do try to not get pulled in by the shit-spewers inspired by the likes of Goebbels.

It does you ill.

As it does us all

Good day, and peace and good (critical) reading to you all.

- 30 -

Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Hate -- Original Song #38

As we approach the sad 30th anniversary of a brutal hate crime that left a stain on my beautiful city, I find to my surprise this song of mine, written many years ago, absent from the history of this blog. No longer. RIP, Joe

Well you know something's been eating me
Concerns something that fell from your mouth last week
I heard you say, "He's one of those"
Made me think of a youth named Joe Rose

They killed him on a bus you see
Along with their humanity
And I doubt this song will change a thing
But maybe I'll feel better if I sing

I don't know why they hate so strong
But it just keeps going on

Rose's dad doesn't understand
He loved his son like any man
But the boy was gay so they hated him
In this city whose motto means live and let live
And it's wrong to think all bird are doves
But those who hate can also love
And if there's one thing I can't trust
It's when you separate folks into them and us

I don't know why they hate so strong
But it just keeps going on
I don't know why they hate so strong
But it just keeps going on
I don't know why they hate so strong
But it just keeps going on
I don't know why they hate so strong
But it's gone on far too long

- 30 -