Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rae puts Peevey Stevie off-script

Up there on the platform
He is speaking to the people
The people are responding
With clapping and a cheering
But the meaning of the message
Not revealed to those assembled
They're taken for a ride
Taken in his stride

When the generals talk
You better listen to him
When the generals talk
You better do what he say

--from "When the Generals Talk", by Midnight Oil

That really sets the table for the debates, eh? Harper is going to be on the defensive, while his deputy leader is stuck spending extra time trying to save his own riding (that's the real power play behind the Dion/May agreement). Harper has so few other mouthpieces than himself that he trusts. Now here he is shown up as someone who isn't his own man. So what other speeches has he had imported? And was this even Howard's own speech to begin with? Or possibly something prepared in Washington or London?

Here's another from the Oils: "US Forces"

And while we're at it: "Short Memory"

HELP! I can't stop!!

In case you're wondering, the singer of these songs is today Australia's Right Honourable Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, and as such, a member of the government that succeeded Howard's late last year.

As Peter Garrett sang in "US Forces" back in 1982:
"Sing me songs of no denying
Seems to me too many dying"


- 30 -

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Simon said...

Great post Scott. Copying stuff from that old racist hound Howard really is pathetic. But it shows you where there minds are. I just saw on a blog somewhere that he also ripped off some words by Mike Harris. Great eh?
I liked the videos you iincluded too. I LOVE that band I'm going to have to do some serious downloading.Might as well build up my ipod collection to while away the days in Re-education Kamp when harper gets a majority :)