Tuesday, September 09, 2008

G&M interview with May: on her exclusion from the televised debates

Right on, Lizzie!
"I think it's in the public interest to have a woman political leader on the stage, if for no other reason that it gives young girls, young women a role model. Not that I want to be their role model in all things, but if you don't ever see a woman on the stage in a federal televised leaders' debate, the message to young women is that they don't belong on that stage, that women aren't in politics."
The whole thing it definitely worth a read.

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Chrystal Ocean said...

Don't know why that G&M live site isn't updating. Have tried it in two browsers. The problem isn't at this end. Only THREE (and now four) people have asked questions or made comments so far? Not credible. Particularly given that I submitted two innocuous questions which shouldn't have alarmed the moderator and neither has shown up.