Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why did Montreal cops kill Mohamed-Anas Bennis?

When you live in a city with a murder rate this low, it's always troubling when one of those less-than-weekly killings was carried out by a police officer on a man with no criminal record. Doubly so when the victim is a member of a visible minority. The official line of our police is that Cote-des-Neiges resident Mohamed-Anas Bennis was shot and killed in self-defence after he attacked them with a knife - while on his way home from morning prayers at his local mosque last December 1st.

Fellow Montrealer kersplebedeb over at Sketchy Thoughts has been following this questionable situation - and the shamelessly marginal coverage of it by our local media - with a keenly jaundiced eye. Go have a look.

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eteba said...

This is my humble take on this.The police undercover agents had infiltrated a criminal organization,
that for some time,had de-frauded citizens by using counterfitted credit cards.
On the day of the arrests of the five presumed men(all either Algerian or Lebanese) an innocent
man,who was not in any way connected to the gang was shot.

Was the police scared to see a fully garbed Muslim coming towards
him.That I believe is the question.

Scott in Montreal said...

eteba: that would be one extremely uppity cop. As much as I try to give the benefit of the doubt, something doesn't jibe here. And I'm wondering if there shouldn't be a Coroner's Inquest. The Muslim community has good reason to suspect a cover-up may be happening here. If the police truly have nothing to hide, then an inquest is in order to clear the air. And if there is any fishy business, that's a surer way to uncover it than calling in the Quebec City force to investigate.