Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nothing Irrational about Harperphobia

If you want to read a passionate and witty perspective on what a Conservative victory would (or will) mean to the gay community, look no further than Montreal Simon's excellent site. He has Stephen Harper pegged (and evidently, in his sights as well).

Simon even has an emergency escape plan Obviously the man enjoys a little black humour in the face of doom.

I wish I could say "don't worry", Simon. But I can tell you this: if there's a fight to be joined to protect equal rights for gays and other minorities in this country, we'll be there fighting with you.

No matter what the outcome on January 23rd.

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eteba said...

Thanks,he is now a must read.

montreal simon said...

Hey Scott

Thanks for this. I don't deserve it. Farm Boy says my head is already big enough. But I really appreciate the support.
I have to hope that there are enough decent Canadians like you out there.
Who will join together and stop these alien fanatics from ruining our beautiful country.
But wow did Harper look sinister today...