Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weirder than Fiction

Is she weird?
Is she white?
Is she promised to the night?
And her head has no room
--Pixies' Is She Weird

I have been tagged by Dazzlin' Dino to come up with five things that are weird about me, myself and I.
  1. As the above picture of my son Francis suggests (seen here last month at just under 20 months), I believe strongly in the need for enforced child labour. And perhaps weirder still, my son loves the idea. While his grandparents inundated him with plastic beeping, whirring toys, still nothing beats the fun of vaccuuming (which I have every intention of reminding him about once he's in his teens and refusing to clean his room).
  2. I was was born with a bifid uvula (scroll down, it's near the end of the article).
  3. I have lived in La Belle Province my entire life yet my grasp of French is still intermediate at best.
  4. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communications over ten years ago, and was once the co-editor of a University newspaper but have still never been paid one red cent for any copy, stories or songs I've written.
  5. For chrissakes, I'm a blogger! What could be weirder than that?
Okay, now to pass it along. Take it away folks:
Mark[Section 15]
CathieFromCanada (who seems to have ignored Dave's tagging, naughty girl)
Pretty Shaved Ape
Ivan Prokopchuk (who probably won't stop at five, ...or ten even - that crazy cat)

Cheers all.

- 30 -


Mark Francis said...


What's weird here is that we're both from Montreal, your son's first name is the same as my last name, and I have a an education in Corporate Communication, which isn't far off from journalism.

I have, however, made money writing.


I shall ponder and post my weirdness.

There's so much to choose from!

joycie said...

Scott's not as weird as he proclaims! He works like a beaver, he's tenacious (almost to a fault) and very good-hearted. As for having 2 uvulas, that's not so weird...I have 2 too!

pretty shaved ape said...

i has been memed. awright. only five, that means i have to do some choosing. what do uvulae do, anyway?

CathiefromCanada said...

Yes, I'm still pondering, too. Also I got tagged with the "four things about you" tag so I am working on that as well. Its' not easy being green.

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Dear Mark,
Why does what I read remind me of M. Dennie Mark, and educated New Guinean out of an ancient book about a B26 survivor of the Maj. Doolittle Bomb raid on Tokyo c. l942. Survivor's name was Lawson, I think.
"I am M.Dennie Mark. Well Educated. Seventh Day Adventist. Well educated. Hate the Yapans."

You think you've made money out of writing!

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

All right, all right, nothing to get excited about. OK, I got tagged for Five Weird Things About Me and have replied in my comments space on my blog (Still a Luddite, and didn'lt want to change my front page blog entry; didn't know how to). So it's in my comments column.
You were right about the multiplier principle. "Ivan, that crazy cat." When the tag
came my way. I immediately tagged Aaron Braaten, and he immediately tagged his brother and The Incrdible Zerb over at The Star picked it up,and I felt I was done.
Star blog should generate just about enough juice to keep the thing going.
Aaron says it's kind of like the Asian Flu virus, once it starts...
Anyway, Scotty, thanks for the tag.

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