Saturday, January 28, 2006


You may have noticed Tattered Sleeve blogging has been scant recently. It's taken a back seat to a nasty bug, working in conjunction with what might be an ulcer (pending test results). It started last Saturday, had me feeling out of the woods by Sunday morning, then came back with a vengeance Monday night.

I can only assume I have a touch of what I will call "Harperitis". Apparently our Prime Minister-designate hasn't been quite up to snuff himself lately.

In the middle of it all, Thursday morning, I had to do a medical test known as a barium swallow. Not too pleasant, but it didn't take overly long. If it could, my toilet would surely be writing a strongly-worded greivance to the Quebec Human Rights Commission after the week we've just had.

Also mid-week, my son Francis had a couple of bouts of diarrhea as well. I have learned that no diaper is a match for such a force of nature. Thank goodness he got back to his usual terrible-two-but-not-even-two-yet self within 24 hours.

But for me, it doesn't appear to be over just yet. And my wife awoke feeling under the weather today too. Fret not. We will return to normal blogging shortly. In the meantime, check this out from Cathie in Canada, and this from Section 15 for my picks for best posts of the week.

And watch out for Harperitis. It's nasty.

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DazzlinDino said...

Maybe your connecting with the new PM on a whole new level.....Have you had a desire to paint any rooms blue lately?

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

All I can offer--and it's not good--is my thanking God I went to university in the Sixties and didn't have to make vows of political correctness.
What the hell ever happened to the Eastern establishment? I would have been snuffed immediately, of course, but there is something honest about coming right out front and not taking anybody seriously until the third generation. In Canada, we take everybody seriously, and everything gets watered down.
I really sympathise with your health going down the drain a bit, but I really think it's time Canada had a good dump.
What the hell, we can always throw them out if they start to revere the burning Bush.

Cheryl said...

Take good care of yourself Scott. And your family. We look forward to your return to the blogging world. A pot of homemade chicken soup and a Pampers gift certificate is on it's (virtual) way.

Mark Francis said...

Thx for the link. I'm trying to post more in that vein.

GoodGrief said...

Scott, Take very good care. You can't fool around with some of these bugs - they keep passing back and forth. Missed you, but kept checking, so glad you're back.