Thursday, January 05, 2006

Impeccable (Cynical?) Timing, Mr. Prime Minister

That erstwhile gentleman Conservative blogger Dazzlin Dino of Blogging Party of Canada dropped by in the comment thread here yesterday and left this tidbit as food for thought:
You two do realise that EVERY taxcut the Liberals have ever offered ends up as the renegotiation of future increases, have you ever seen a tax reduction while a Liberal government was in power? No you haven't.

Well, I just got my first pay stub of 2006 and couldn't help but noticing a little more than I expected is reaching my bank account. I compared the deductions to my last stub from 2005 and wouldn't you know it, the amount deducted for federal tax went down by 10% and my EI contribution went down 20%.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Sorry to have to make you eat crow there, Dazz ;-). Cynical timing to be sure, but this is one Liberal tax cut everyone in the country will both see and feel on at least two occasions before casting their votes. The question is: will this be a useful ploy for them to counter the Harper GST reduction promise and the CPC's current momentum?

And will it be the breath of fresh air the Liberals need to cover up that smell?

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DazzlinDino said...

I subcontract, no paystub so I can't dispute you there, so I will in fact open mouth and insert foot untill I can prove

The EI was down 20%?? With all the problems I see with the EI system, I wonder why they picked that one....