Friday, February 17, 2006

Stoke the Fire (mp3)

For some time now, people have been expressing an interest in actually hearing some of these songs I keep posting. Now seeing as I have only very rarely had a chance to record anything properly, these are in rather short supply.

Furthermore, I have not been able to figure out how to post an mp3 to this site (anyone out there who knows the secret, I'd be much obliged if you dropped me a line).

But finally, my bandmate Jean-Marc Barsalou has been able to upload an mp3 of Stoke the Fire, which can be heard by clicking here. It's a short four-on-the-floor rocker of a demo recorded in 2004 with Jean-Marc on bass and Chuck Duque on drums in an outfit we liked to call Big Red Canoe at the time.

More to come, and thanks for asking.

- 30 -

Update: Okay, that link doesn't seem to be working anymore. Sorry about that. So I decided to take Zeke's advice and upload the audio file to So it's now available here instead. Please comment if you have any troubles.

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