Monday, February 20, 2006

Canadian Women's Hockey Team Rocks

You gotta' love it. After the high-priced over-hyped men's team couldn't even get on the scoreboard for two whole games, the women picked up the torch (again) to show us what real dedication looks like. This team has talent, class and embodies everything good about team sport.

Big time congratulations to the Canadian Women's Hockey Team. And a shout out to the Swedes too, for proving they can play with the big girls. In fact, kudos to all women out there showing the men how it's done. Call me a dreamer, but I think sometime within the next 20 years, women will be commonplace on dozens of NHL teams.

I don't even care what the Canadian men's team does anymore. Even if they win the gold, it won't compare with this team's achievement. That's hockey.

- 30 -


DazzlinDino said...

I just hope our curlers start getting thier act together as well....

eteba said...

Congratulations to every women on that team.