Sunday, February 12, 2006

Original Song #19

Valentine's Day songs - today I'm posting one about the darker side. The music for this one was inspired by Husker Du's Flip Your Wig. Tomorrow, I promise a cheesy romantic ditty for those who need an antidote. Cheers

February Rain

Valentine's Day in this frigid town
Some realizations shake me down
I'm in tune with Mother Nature
I'm out of synch with your good nature

February rain
And my contrary timing again
Why don't I feel the same
I've weened myself off you too well

Cheesey commercial romance glyphs
And bubblegum piano riffs
Everyone else coos and cries
I sit and sneer as the world goes by

February rain...

And the web I spun so long ago
Has finally got you in its tow
I want to meet you in the middle
But I can't remember what lines are safe to walk on

Now you breeze in like the wind
Saying I'm the keenest thing again
This shower of affection's teasing
February rain is freezing

February rain

- 30 -

1 comment:

ivan said...

I seen fire and I seen rain?