Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Original Song #2

Stoke the Fire

Caught in machinations
Beyond your power
Busy earning a living
You stoke the fire

And you wonder how they
Could let it happen
Never bother to question
How big is your picture?

Successive generations
Will be quick to damn us
Maybe they'll understand us

Recipe for murder:
Divide the horror
Give the people a scapegoat
Then point the finger

Gain complicity
Reward efficiency
Give the people procedures
They'll die to please

Perhaps the question to ask is:
Does it really matter?
Who pulled the trigger
Who filled the gas tanks
Who stoked the fires
That burn us

- 30 -


dunzo1 said...

I like it.

Q said...

I blame Bush of course.

ivan prokopchuk said...

This is meant for your poem, Stoke the Fire (I couln't ge through a
scrolling logjam to get this in the right place).
Yeah, Stoke the Fire.
I've been trying to write something like that for years.
The techies tell us that the present is everything, everytime.
Not so.
And you've told us.
P.S: Thirdee's signature on the bottom? You a pro too?

Scott in Montreal said...


Thanks for the compliment. I laboured over that song. The thirdee is something I was told to do by my Journalism profs at Concordia U.

I liked your piece about the ladies of New Orleans, by the way. Do I detect a wee soft spot for Ms. Crow?

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

Appreciate you hitting my site.
Ever since I saw Miss S. modelling
lingerie, I havent been the same.
Brings out the bass player in me.
Concordia cool school. Have visited there. Hard to get bummed
out in Montreal.
A million years ago I went to what was then termed Ryerson "Pyromaniacal" institute, now Ryerson
University. Great school as well.
Went on to post-graduate work, wrote novel, finished novel and lost my marbles over some woman who fed my Sheryl Crow fantasy.
A lot like old spoof in antique MAD Magazine of "Prince Violent":
Pick up bow, drops bow,picks up quiver, drops quiver, drops chainmail pants.
Maybe I should write a cowboy
song along the lines of "Women make a fool out of me."
Modern women aren't too fond of old
Piggies like me, but they still love poets. Watch out!

Ivan Prokopchuk said...

I have finally published a song, though it's a spoof on an old original Jimmie Rogers hit, c.1933.
Nineteen-thrity-three? Why, it's the bee's knees!
Anyway,it's in Antonia Zerbisias blog today (Thursday Sept 21). I tried to send you Zerby's html, but was not sure of your email address...not listed on your blog.