Sunday, September 11, 2005

GOP horse to stable: Toodaloo!

When an ex-Reagan crony speaks up against you, asking if you're a serious president, you know you've got troubles with your base.

The administration underestimated the problem, failed to plan for the predictable aftermath and refused to accept responsibility for its actions. Just as when the President took the US and many of its allies into the Iraq war based on false and distorted intelligence. Then the administration failed to prepare for violent resistance in Iraq. The Pentagon did not provide American soldiers with adequate quantities of body armour, armoured vehicles and other equipment.

Contrary to administration expectations, new terrorist affiliates sprang up, new terrorist recruits flooded Iraq and new terrorist attacks were launched across the world, including against several friends of the US. In none of these cases has anyone taken responsibility for anything.

Now Hurricane Katrina surprised a woefully ill-prepared administration. President Bush and his officials failed in their most basic responsibility: to maintain the peaceful social framework within which Americans normally live and work together.

Bush initially responded to 9/11 with personal empathy and political sensitivity. But his failures now overwhelm his successes. The administration's continuing lack of accountability leaves it ill-equipped to meet equally serious future challenges sure to face the US and the rest of the world.

(Emphasis mine)

That's three "failed"s and one "failure" in just a portion of Doug Bandow's article. It would seem Bushco is losing favour with some of the old-guard Republicans. That such a scathing diatribe comes from within the ranks at least proves that lame-duck status is hitting the entire Bushco administration, which would include Rove and Cheney. Obviously, some Repubs are no longer interested in carrying water for this pathetic bunch, and feel empowered to shoot them down publicly. If the balloon has indeed popped, then this is a dire sign for the neo-cons and their empirical agenda.

And if that Tower of Babel crumbles, I might even believe there's hope for the return of a sane United States.


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Q said...

Are you a serious president is a pointed and rhetorical question that's too late. I guess people have to hold their breath and pray for the next 3 years. If he steps down or is impeached it's Cheney. What can you say, they could have had Gore.

Scott in Montreal said...

Precisely the problem. That's what's scary. Even after Cheney, what is it? DeLay or Hastert or some such? They really are weak right now. A parliamentary system would serve the U.S. much better in times like this. A vote of non-confidence would be in order. Instead, you're simply straitjacketed by the constitution.

larkohio said...

Good point there. We could impeach our dear W, but then we would get Cheney. The Democrats need to get themselves together and recover the Congress in 2006. This would be a good start. Wish we could vote non-confidence. I never really thought about it before, but it is a great idea!

CathiefromCanada said...

Wow, good catch for this column.
Anyone who opposes Bush now still has ample opportunity to vote against his stupid legislative agenda and his SCOTUS picks like Roberts. Personally, I will not believe that Republicans in the US are really soured on Bush until they actually do something bipartisan.