Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans a Horror Story

Today we're starting to see the Convention Center is at least as bad as the Superdome. From CNN:

The convention center is a place that people were told to go to because it would be safe. In fact, it is a scene of anarchy.

There is absolutely nobody in control. There is no National Guard, no police, no information to be had.

The convention center is next to the Mississippi River. Many people who are sleeping there feel that a boat is going to come and get them. Or they think a bus is going to come. But no buses have come. No boats have come. They think water is going come. No water has come. And they have no food.

Probably the most disturbing thing is that people at the convention center are starting to pass away and there is simply nothing to do with their bodies. There is nowhere to put them. There is no one who can do anything with them. This is making everybody very, very upset.

Plus, out in the flooded neighbourhoods:
We went off into many communities to see if we could find people. As we were navigating through these narrow areas with power lines and all kinds of obstructions above and below us, we suddenly heard faint screams coming from homes. People were yelling, "Help! Help!"

We found one elderly woman in one home. She told us, "I've been here and I need to get out. Can you get me?" Then she said, "But there are people next door and they have babies, so leave me until morning. Get them out now."

And finally, this:
Some state officials, though, have been getting into the center of town.

One of them, for example, got in with a bus. He saw one woman who was so desperate she actually handed her 2-month-old baby to another woman and said, "Take my child. I can't get on this bus, but you've got to try to save the child."

The woman promised her she would take care of that baby.

I haven't felt this much like crying since the incident in Beslan, which began one year ago today (more evidence of the Almighty's twisted sense of humour, if you ask me). Billmon has posted a fine list of relief agencies with links. Evidently their own governments don't seem to give a shit about them. There is no excuse for this kind of keystone cops response from the richest nation the world has ever seen. None.

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CathiefromCanada said...

Wow, what a post -- thanks for the link to the CNN site, I hadn't seen that one before.
No wonder the CNN reporters are absolutely PISSED, more and more each day. Their hearts are breaking.