Monday, September 26, 2005

No Dippers Need Apply

I hope this isn't indicative of the direction of other major news media, where political slant is apparently now a job requirement.

I hold a j-school degree, and I am always on the look-out for a job in the actual working media. I thought I'd check out the four Ottawa Citizen positions my folks noticed big ads for in today's National Post. Now, I'd heard the Citizen is no great shakes as a daily newsrag, but I figured if I can stomach reading the completely unstimulating Gazoo, what could be worse?

And recognizing that I am pretty opinionated by nature, the first job I decided to click on (just for fun) was Editorial Writer. All fine and well, until I reach this little eye-opener:
The successful applicant should be an elegant writer with a commitment to the principles of small government and individual freedom. They must work co-operatively with an editorial board in which compromise and consensus are required. Journalism experience and a strong background in national or municipal affairs, economics, business, technology or science will be assets, along with knowledge of French.

(Emphasis mine)

Hello! What if my commitment isn't sufficiently strong in that regard? (I'm assuming when they say "small" government, they don't mean pols who are short in stature.) And I guess when they say "compromise is required", they mean compromising your own values for what CanWest tells you to opine upon. How very Fox News of them. I have a sneaky suspicion I know why there are suddenly four jobs open...

Somehow my enthusiasm is waning.

- (disheartened) 30 -

Update: To be entirely fair, no such silliness appears to be a requirement for Assistant News Editor, nor Sunday and Features Editor, nor Police Reporter. They may be just trying to strike more balance within the ediorial board for all I know. Perhaps they already have a Dipper, a Lib, a Green and a closet Separatist. And I'm told Ottawa is a really nice city to live in...


pretty shaved ape said...

hey scott, just popped in for a peek after seeing you at section 15. i liked what i read and anyone who slugs jeff is a friend of mine. i'll be adding you to my bookmarks. cheers

Scott in Montreal said...

Thanks much, PSA. (Favour returned). Jeff sure is hoot and a half to get into the muck with, isn't he?

CathiefromCanada said...

No, I wouldn't think that their quota of liberal-minded editorial writers is full-up. But anyway, good luck on the job hunt. If they want to know what kind of writer you are, I'd be glad to give you a reference -- thoughtful, interesting, vivid, and with a sense of humour -- what more could they want?

Scott in Montreal said...

You're very sweet Cathie. (And you're a pretty engaging writer yourself, I might add). You've made my day.

Gazetteer said...

Holy crap!

That is unbelievable. Then again, why would they need someone to be interested in a wee-willie-weenie gov't if they were the Features editor.