Friday, October 16, 2009

To work for nothing

Goddamn you all
Who expect me to give you my labours for free
Goddamn you all
Who go along with this concept that we should be
Grateful for the opportunities
To work for nothing
But the hope that
It could
Lead to something
that might mean something
Or at least pay something
That might put food on my table
Mine and my children's
Yes, Goddamn you all
This is not an economy for working people
It is an economy for investment speculators
Not my betters
Why don't we learn?

Meanwhile, my labours are not yours to exploit
They have a cost - because they have value
They will not be had for nothing


Rural said...

Your frustration is showing Scott! I know the feeling, settling in for a long hard winter in more ways than one.....
Perhaps we should all apply for a sign making job for the Great Spended.

Scott in Montreal said...

Well wouldn't you know, a contact from my Fujitsu days just clued me in to a job at his new place and I start tomorrow. The pay and prestige is a big step down from my last job, but right now I don't care. To make an honest living and stop being stressed about the prospects of my EI running out is a huge lift.

Thanks for all your encouragement, Rural, and I hope better days are coming your family's way very soon.