Monday, October 19, 2009

Peevey Stevie stimulated by doorknobs?

Tip 'o the hat to Le Daro and Scott Tribe for uncovering this startling fetish of the Canadian Prime Minister. (Okay, perhaps the Libs figured it out first, as reported by the CTV).

I always took him to be one of those boing-y doorstopper guys, but truth is stranger than fiction I guess.


CK said...

What's that they say? Door knobs only turn in one direction?

That would explain Stevie's new fetish. Door knobs only turn one way & Stevie is one dimensional.

Simon said...

ha ha ha good one Scott !! And I think you're right about the boingy part...I would have guessed boingy door banger though ...for the STIMULATING sound of a police state. You know he did ask that CBC journalist if she liked handcuffs... ;)