Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Twelve Days of Fitzmas

Over at Daily Kos, they're getting downright loopy with excitement at the prospect of indictments coming down this week in the Department of Justice investigation into the leaking of CIA spook Valerie Plame's once classified identity.

Even the usually-staid Billmon is getting all a-tremble at all the excitement.

Those cheeky bloggers! Now they're calling it "Fitzmas" (after lead prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald). This diary by georgia 10 is a must-read salve for all scandal junkies finding themselves at nerves' end.

And as with so many good things, it has inspired me to write a little song:

Twelve Days of Fitzmas

On the twelfth day of Fitzmas, my blogroll gave to me...

Twelve Frogs-a-Marching
Eleven Editors Fighting
Ten Novaks Gnashing
Nine Scooters Scooting
Eight Roves a-Ralphing
Seven Millers Fainting
Six Bushes Freaking
Five Golden Shackles
Four Singing Patsies
Three Pink Slips
Two Turncoats, and
Darth Cheney in the clink

- 30 -