Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Early Hallowe'en (too scary for children)

News item: Condi to visit Canada next week

This is terrible. I don't want her here. Ewwww.

Ewwwwwwww. Ick.

I can just hear Count Floyd now, howling at the thought of her entourage of blood-sucking monkeys in 3-D Smell-O-Rama. Aaa-Ooooooo...!

And there was a great shudder throughout the land.

What great providence might surface to spare us this greivous injury? Remember, the last time she was supposed to visit, Martin had recently found his backbone and told Bushco we won't be throwing our good money after their bad with their Missile Defence Shield fiasco.

As a bonus, Rice postponed her planned trip. (I will not speculate on which of the two factors was more at play in sending Martin's approval ratings up.)

Then last month, Hurricane Katrina spared us the blight of a planned visit from Vice-President Darth Cheney, for whom assessing the Alberta tar-sands became a photo-op he had to pass on in order to look like he was doing something for once.

So I'm wondering if some good fortune might fall upon us to thwart this calamity. Time is short however. Human intervention may be necessary this time. Time for us all to put on our Thinking Caps. Hmmm... What could we do to ensure Condi finds some half-baked excuse to weasel out of it this time?

I know! Let's see if Lloyd Axworthy would like to greet her off the plane.

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Gazetteer said...

This deja vu all over again stuff is making me crazy.

Most sadly it seems to include a replay of that bridge thing in Fallujah last year

(Cathie from Canada has the story)

heyday said...

Hurricane season is not over yet.Lets put our hands together and pray....we might be saved again.