Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ain't she a beaut? (Fukushima reactor #4, all duckied-up)

That is all they got:
Minoru Ogoda, the official with Japan’s nuclear regulatory agency, said a proposed plan to use helicopters to put more cold water into the pool was looking unlikely.

He said Tokyo Electric would probably try to spray water into the reactor building through a gaping hole in the wall blasted open by an earlier explosion.

The hole or holes in the roof caused by that blast did not appear big enough to allow sufficient amounts of water in, he said.
Well that might be a bit of a problem, wouldn't it?

"Today, only a handful of people know what it really means, and they're scared. Soon you will know: The China Syndrome"

UPDATE: Are you fucking serious??? Per Reuters: (

"The Japan nuclear safety agency says TEPCO is attempting to build a road to Fukushima Daiichi No.4 reactor to allow fire trucks into site"

I guess that falls under the heading of: never give up, no matter how hopeless.

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