Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Well Israel, you have really lost the PR war now

You have got yourselves perfectly embroiled in an international incident that is not going away until you learn that even you must eat crow sometimes.

So far, it doesn't appear to have sunk in. I notice it only took you a few hours to release some propaganda on youtube, so we know you have a crack PR team working this untenable calamity. In a less imperfect world, the UN Security Council would enforce some strong measures. Against Israel, yes. And if you have the slightest desire to regain the upper hand in this PR war, soon you will have to realize there is only one good course of action for you to take.

It starts like this:

Immediately, Israel should send every one of the detainees from yesterday - and their boats - to Gaza and get that aid distributed.

Second: announce you are relaxing the border controls but reserve the right to re-invade Gaza should any proof of weaponization recur there (UN inspectors on the ground, which would both require Hamas approval, and corner them into transparency).

Third: apologize profusely and allow a third party investigation by Interpol, or China or some disinterested and globally respected NGO. Stop being the bad guys and realize your immense US support can be cut back substantially if your actions continue to be a drag on incumbent congress members during an election year.

Meanwhile, everybody: sit down. Have a cream soda.

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Skinny Dipper said...

This is a PR victory for the supporters of the Palestinians. It forces the Europeans to choose between Turkey (a NATO member) and the United States (a strong supporter of Israel). Also, any BDS campaign against Israel will work effectively from Europe.

If I were to frame the discussion, I would state that it's not about Hamas; it's about the children of Gaza. Why is Israel denying food to the children of Gaza? Why is Israel deciding which food is acceptable or unacceptable to the children of Gaza?

Fillibluster said...

I agree, "Brand Israel" has taken a hit. Now, if only the rabid "destroy Israel" elements of the protest will tone it down, I think there's a real chance of getting the illegal blockade lifted.

I certainly hope so.