Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shorter Peevey Stevie: Bloc votes are only legit when aligned with the CPC

I guess Peevey Stevie feels better when he vents his spleen in public and tells us what he really thinks of the Bloc Québecois caucus that represents the majority of Quebec ridings:
“Mr. Speaker, not a single member of the House, not even a member of the Bloc, received a mandate to have a government in which the separatists would be part of the coalition,” Harper shot back
This attitude is not new. I recall similar feelings of disgust I felt towards Harper when he cavalierly dismissed the votes of the BQ that helped pass legislation legalizing gay marriage back in 2005 when he was Opposition Leader:
"Because it's being passed with the support of the Bloc, I think it will lack legitimacy with most Canadians," Mr. Harper said on Monday. "The truth is most federalist MPs oppose this."
Contrast that with his government's record of recognizing BQ votes with no hint of disapproval over the last three years, and you have yet another wonderful example of how full of shit he continues to be. As aptly pointed out by G&M columnist Jeffrey Simpson, Harper is clearly willing to bring on a completely unnecessary and avoidable unity crisis to save his own political skin (and at a time of great economic uneasiness, to boot).
It is therefore fair to speculate that in addition to an economic bungle, a political mess and possible constitutional crisis, Mr. Harper's miscalculations, and subsequent attempts to save himself, might produce a national unity problem, too.
It's never a good idea to tell the voters what they were or weren't voting for - as if anyone could get inside their millions of heads. In the end, you have to respect the members' will; otherwise you are disrespecting the voters who put them there and in the numbers present.

So Stephen Harper is again proving he is more Fascist than democrat. Can't say we weren't warned.

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adamvs said...

If you listen to the call-in shows, the people who most support Mr. Harper always seem to caveat their opinions with" But I don't know about this parliament stuff". Harper's greater fool theory is that he can fool people who haven't time to follow his machinations. He counts on the credulity and short memories of the public.
Harper assumes people are either too stupid or distracted to notice that when he or his caucus move their lips, they are lying.

Simon said...

Good post Scott. And thanks for reminding me what Harper said about the Bloc support for gay marriage. If you don't mind I'll be borrowing that one a lot :)
You know the frightening thing about this anti-Bloc campaign is that it plays to a strong anti-Quebec feeling in English Canada. Which has seeped into the culture since the shock of the last referendum. My fear is that is what accounts for the Cons astounding jump into majority territory. I hope I'm wrong because if it worked once he'll use it again. But beyond that we need to deal with the elephant in the room. Quebec sovereignists have the right to express their views just like any other Canadians. The right to form alliances with who they please. There is no disgrace for them or for the federalists they join forces with in an attempt to save our common economy. And demonising the people with whom fate would have you be neighbours for ever is a very bad thing.
Geezus...I'd have a crack at it myself if I wasn't so exhausted... :)