Thursday, November 03, 2005

Original Song #8

Drinks Too Much

Went to a party the other night
Everyone was wasted and feeling alright
Everyone smoking and drinking and other things

Then I went home to my beautiful wife
The best l’il gal I ever met in my life
Went over to kiss her but she balked and pushed me
Away (She said):

You drinks too much and you smokes too much
You drinks too much and you smokes too much
Scotty, don’t you throw your life

Deedee and Joey used to drink too much
They had a bunch of substances they used as a crutch
Then their bodies said Uncle and the two of them passed away

All the old punks are fading fast
Bet they never thought they’d run out of gas
The rudest awakening of all is to not wake up

Well they drank too much and they smoked too much
Well they drank too much and they smoked too much
They did too much and they met an early fate

Ozzy Osbourne used to over-indulge
He cleaned himself up when he almost croaked
Now his body keeps going but he’s already scrambled his brains

Now it’s Joe Strummer, God rest his soul
Everybody thought he had it under control
He was the smartest damn punk
To end up digging his own grave

- 30 -


Ivan Prokopchuk said...

You've been doing some living, man.
I did't arrive at that kind of insight until I got much older.
Following your Texs trip. Been there, but so long ago.

Scott in Montreal said...

Living? Sure, if vicariously. Can't complain really. I'm still here to write, sing, dance, frolic and learn. Cat's Cradle taught me the value of that. Joe Strummer died after walking the dog one morning. He sat down in his easy-chair and had a heart attack at 51. On the last song on his last album (released posthumously), he sang about all the things he still wanted to do before he grew old. Hard to hear that and not take a lesson from it. I think it's time to try and quit smoking again.