Tuesday, May 03, 2011

R.I.P. Canada

R.I.P. Canadian Long-gun registry.
R.I.P. Women's reproductive rights in Canada.
R.I.P. The Canadian Senate.
R.I.P. Same-sex marriage (we barely knew you).
R.I.P. National funding for the arts.
R.I.P. Canada Health Act.
R.I.P. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
R.I.P. The Governor-General of Canada.
R.I.P. Any Canadian action on climate change.
R.I.P. Canadian democracy.
R.I.P. National funding for universities and research.
R.I.P. Any hope of a national daycare program in the next five years.
R.I.P. The Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms.
R.I.P. Any effective political opposition to The Party.
R.I.P. Dissent (what do you think the new jails are for?)
R.I.P. A future for Qu├ębec within Canada.

...please feel free to add more in the comments.

We now are ruled by the All-knowing Great Leader, who will not be swayed by any finger-waving from the opposition benches. Stephen Harper is a Christian Fundamentalist, whose views are shaped by his beliefs. He now has carte-blanche.

How far will he go?
Just watch him.

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ck said...

Say good - bye to any future elections. This was the last one. Mark my words. If I'm alive in four years, again, folks will say how I predicted this accurately.

ck said...

Oh, and Scott, I'd say let's get that Pauline Marois elected and really work on Quebec sovereignty. It'll be our only escape from Harperland.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Rule of Law

What? Do you think the Harper Party will really allow investigations into its own? I fully expect any investigation into the voter suppression tactics this election to go nowhere.

R.I.P. Supreme Court of Canada

Three of nine justices will hit mandatory retirement during the next four years. Two others will be close to it. Maybe Harper won't try to stack the court ideologically, but I'm expecting appointments like Robert Dewar.

Thor said...

R.I.P. Proportional political party funding. It will be back to the old big business and union funding again.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Canadian sovereignty via the upcoming Perimeter Security deal with the US.

With a Minority, it had a chance of being killed. Not now ..

We're done.

doconnor said...

R.I.P. VIA Rail

I don't think same-sex marriage will be ended. It is almost certainly constitutionally protected. Besides people will be distracted by the polygamy issue.

So far the Governor-General of Canada has been good to the Conservatives. I doubt they will have any reason mess with that. They'd have to change the constitution, anyway.

However I do suspect they will use the notwithstanding clause.

Anonymous said...

RIP the destruction of the conservative party in four years when everyone realizes what we already know.