Thursday, November 19, 2009

Missing the Canada that stood for human rights

RE: Bureaucrats and other critics often face wrath of Conservatives

It's too bad the Conservative government is so hellbent on political gamesmanship and throwing good civil servants under buses; when they instead could be working to fix a broken situation, take responsibility for errors in the directives provided to our soldiers in Afghanistan, and own up to the fact that we lost our way with our earlier policy of handing prisoners over to known torturers.

There we are, acting just like Bushco, ignoring our obligations under the Geneva conventions.


I hate when I feel shame for my country. I really wish we could just bail on this pointless mission right now.

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Simon said...

hi Scott...good post. I feel exactly the same way and just as ashamed. how on earth did we ever get to a place like this?
The good news is that the truth WILL come out, and the Cons will look even worse for trying to cover it up. It's a small consolation but it's something ... :)

CK said...

I've lost hope in this country myself. Am working on a piece which should be published tomorrow (God willing; ever since I quit smoking; blogging is more difficult for me). Yes, in spite of Georgie's America goin' down the toilet; it would seem Canadians have a wet dream about livin' it. Sad state of affairs really.
Remember how Agluquack got all 'scandalized' when folks here were outraged at the idea of Afghan prisoners getting the H1N1 vaccine and then she started ranting that they wouldn't get?? Very stupid: Those prisoners are entitled to the shot; falls under medical care under Geneva Convention. Then again, after the reactions to the shot I've been hearing about, perhaps it's better for them that they don't get it. I didn't; not gonna.

Scott in Montreal said...

@ Simon: the truth usually comes out in the end. This whole Afghanistan experience helps me understand America's Vietnam adventure (and how they ended up on that path in the first place) a whole lot better. Afghanistan = Clusterfuck 2.0. With any luck, and as a potential turning point in his presidency, perhaps Obama will show a little courage and pull us all out of Afghanistan now while he has the cover of this illegitimate re-election of Karzai still fresh. Sadly, I doubt it'll end up that way.

Scott in Montreal said...

@ CK - good on ya for quitting the smokes and toughing it out. I quit almost three years ago. Listerine mouth mints (they're whoffer thin) really helped fight the cravings. Trying the patch on two previous attempts proved to be only short-term solutions. Be strong on this.

As for vaccinations, I think the odds are better getting the shot. It's easy to get overly paranoid, and I know people involved in the testing of these sorts of things before they are approved. They are not scared of getting the shot, so that tells me something. My two sons got their shots and I plan to get mine. Vaccinations are preferable to getting the disease at full throttle, the way I see it. It's not a guarantee, but it's the best option we've got. If you need an iron-clad guarantee, best wishes upon finding it. I'm not sure I have the patience myself.