Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grow up, Quebec federal Liberals!!!! Cauchon, Coderre, this means you

Getting Harper out of Dodge should be your primary consideration. So make good and figure it out already. If Cauchon wants to run in the riding he took thrice already (with the stated blessing of the riding association), let him run. Cauchon has more talent in his little finger than the entire Harper cabinet. If that threatens Coderre in some way, then he is not being a very good Qu├ębec lieutenant for Ignatieff by being subservient to such a self-serving attitude.

Keep your eyes on the prize, people. Infighting disgusts the voters. Grow up. Please.

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Simon said...

hi Scott...good post I agree absolutely. Cauchon is a very good guy, and the only treason Coderre is trying to block him is that he considers him a rival for the leadership of the Liberal Party.
Which needless to say is the best reason Cauchon should get the nod... ;)