Thursday, December 01, 2005

Duceppe scores on own net

Kevin Lowe, assistant manager of Canada's 2006 men's Olympic team, doesn't think much of Gilles Duceppe's idea of entering a separate Quebec team in international hockey competition — and he has company in the hockey world.

Lowe, who grew up in Montreal and is fluently bilingual, flatly rejected the Bloc Québécois leader's proposal, which was unveiled Wednesday as part of his party's election platform.

Sure, he's still got a big 8 to 2 lead with only 5 minutes gone in the first period. But it can't be good for your cause when some of your voters' biggest heros are unanimously saying your idea is stupid, and then they go on to wax patriotic about their country - Canada; not Quebec.

Of course they're going to react this way, given they all hope to play in the Olympics, and that means recognizing that the only way that can happen is if they chose to live in the real world, as opposed to some Quebec nationalist fairyland, where all the taxes ruthlessly vaccuumed-up by the Canadian government will become a glorious windfall of extra cash in our pockets after separation. Yadda yadda yadda.

Big gaffe for Duceppe. Makes you wonder if he feels his lead is so huge he can afford to coast through the remainder of the game. Ask any hockey player and they'll tell you you don't win that way. We can only hope...

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eteba said...

I remember Lowe when he became the first english-speaking captain
of the Quebec Remparts.He picked up his french after playing three years in Quebec-City.
He was born and raised in Lachute,where he,his wife Karen Percy and their children still own a home.


Flow said...

Ok,ok,maybe this was not a good idea but you've got to admit that we would have kicked everybody's ass at the olympics!No???

Scott in Montreal said...

A) Pretty weak on defence, with few bona fide stars.

B) They'd all rather play for Team Canada like the stars they looked up to in their youth.

The whole idea is a non-starter, but so far the french media is not giving the story much play, and when they do, they're strangely mum on the controversy.