Thursday, August 25, 2005

Original Song #1 (with plug)

Tattered Sleeve

Got to tell you how I can’t
Begin to tell you anything
Salty streaks upon your cheeks
I won’t pretend I don’t see them today
A matted mess, your ratty dress
You’ve given up coloring me to impress
Unapproachable, you’re a shattered soul
Impossible to console

I want to find a way to reach you
But you draw your shell around you
You just can’t hide your emotions
When you wear them on your tattered sleeve

I found a mussel on the beach, closed-up tight it’d washed-up heavy
I almost opened it up, but I let it fall in the muck
I couldn’t bear to see another creature died alone at sea
Now you’re standing in front of me; we’re two lost souls imperfect to a tee

Well it’s not like I don’t know you
I can read the misery between the lines on your face
Why can’t you trust me
A crying shame is no disgrace


Show plug: My three-piece band, Randboro (a lotta heart; a little talent), will be opening for mega-surfers Los Tabernacos tonight (Friday, Aug. 26) at Barfly, 4062 rue St-Laurent, corner Duluth, in Montreal. We may hit the stage as early as 9:00 p.m. or as late as 10:00. If you're in the neighbourhood, we'd sure love to see you there.

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