Friday, June 29, 2012

You Fucking Fucktard, Stephen Harper, Ignoramous of the Millenium (and more)

Yeah, crude as this headline is, I have a right to say that. And it doesn't matter a whit if the federal government, now officially named the "Harper Government" (retch), is your employer and doesn't like it.

What a disgusting abuse of power, disregard for our basic rights, peevishly narcissistic reactionary tinpotistic Dear-Leaderist, and overall un-Canadianly knee-jerk thin-skinistically Harperesque mega-crappy piece of utter yuckitude at which this omminously points.

Not to overstate matters, but seriously! My head is spinning here. Just a few months ago, my Prime Minister (the primest, certainly) was singing sweet little songs about all of us being all cool about ourselves and all, even if we liked people of our own sex better than the opposite.

Yeah, those were the days!

The kid in me who first understood politics in 1982 when the Queen signed some constitutional thingamabobby that everyone made such a big deal about, is completely unimpressed.

I was once a boss, as a McDonald's manager. Mr. Harper? Let me tell you something: If your employees are upset to the extent they go out and get pins printed with your name on them, saying you hate them - HATE THEM - and then they go and wear them on the job, that should tell you something.

I'll say it again: (all caps now) THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING



Basically: You suck, and you are making their lives miserable and most of all, when they TRIED to TELL YOU THIS, THEY GOT NOWHERE!!


Get it? Look, this isn't the first time. Yes folks: Stephen Harper is less emotionally developed than your average 4-year old. And he has a Putinesque iron fist on our country. Please hate me too.